- Pastors Notes -

Up Periscope! - September 24th, 2017
"Facing trials in the bonds of Christ"

James 1
How can we see our way to overcome trials?

1. Stay bound to God.

2. Stay connected to others.

3. Know we are bound to face trials.
    a. Trials test our faith
    b. Faith produces patience
    c. Patience completes His work in us
4. Realize trials will not defeat us.

5. Trust that trails have potential blessings.
    a. For those who endure
    b. For those who take responsibility for their actions
    c. For those who trust the Father.

Challenge: We can have a clearer vision to see past trials if we:
     Watch how we respond.
     Get rid of potential entangling sin.
     Know and do what God says.
     Watch the way we speak.
     Stay busy.

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