- Pastors Notes -

Dinner with Jesus! - June 11th, 2017

"Learning from the mouth of Jesus"

Luke 14
What truths can we apply to our life 
from our visit with Jesus today?

1. You will be watched. - V. 1

2. Minister when the opportunity arises. - V. 2-6

a. Regardless of tradition. - V. 3
b. Regardless of others opinions. - V. 5

3. Do your best to live in humility. - V. 7-11

4. Live beyond yourself. - V. 12-14

5. Donít miss the "feast" in exchange for lifeís affairs.

6. Thereís more to being a Christian than just being here.

a. We are called to bear our cross 25-27
b. We are called to count the costs. 28-32
c. We are called to forsake all. V 33-34

Are we being memorials to our God and remembering the cost of our salvation?

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