- Pastors Notes -

Premier Homes - May 14th, 2017

"Bringing strength and restoration"

1 Samuel 1-2:21
What can we do to strengthen and restore our homes?

1. Turn to God during our struggles. V. 1-20

    a. When religion falls short. V. 3
    b. When it seems God has failed you. V. 5
    c. When others provoke you. V. 6
    d. When others cannot comfort you. V. 5

2. Be faithful to your promises. V. 21-23

3. Convey love. V. 24-2:10

    a. Love for God
        i. Brings joy
       ii. Brings a strong foundation
      iii. Brings confidence
       iv. Brings hope

    b. Love for others 2:18-19

4. Trust God. V. 2:20-21

We can maintain premier spiritual homes as we turn to God, be faithful to Him as we convey love and trust His work in our life.

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