- Pastors Notes -

From Desert to Delivered! - April 30th, 2017

"Finding our way back home"

Exodus 3:1-14

What can we do when we find ourselves spiritually dry?

1. Realize the backside of desert is not our home. V 1

2. Remember we are never too far away for God to reach us. V 2

3. Relinquish our path and turn aside to seek God. V 3

4. Reverently draw near to God. -V 4-5

5. Recall God's sovereignty and compassion. V 6-8

6. Respond to God's call to be used. V 9-14

    a. Behold
    b. Come
    c. Trust

Have you been delivered today from the spiritual desert to your spiritual "home" away from bondage? Can we start helping others find their way "home"?

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