- Pastors Notes -

Can you prove it? - February 5th, 2017

"Awakening our heart to confidence in Christ"

1 John 3
How does the word prove His love toward us and 
awaken us to confidence in Him?

1. Awakens us to a new love.  V. 1

2. Awakens us to a new relationship. V. 1

3. Awakens us to a new hope. V. 2

4. Awakens us to new goals. V. 3-18

    a. To live a purified life.
    b. To love one another.

5. Awakens us to new confidence. V. 19-24

    a. We know we are His. V 19
    b. We know He is ours. V 21
    c. We know we can follow His commands. V. 22

God has given us a personal savior and offered personal forgiveness so that we can have personal growth that results in personal service!

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