- Pastors Notes -

Basic Truths! - February 26th, 2017

"Living His song in our heart"

What can we learn from the basics of God's word in our heart?

1.We have a God who keeps his promises to His people. 
(Father Abraham)

    a. God's promise
    b. Human failure
    c. God's Grace
    d. God's continual presence

2. We have a savior who loves us. 
(Jesus loves me this I know)

    a. We hear through his word that he gave Himself
    b. We see in His word that He redeemed us.
    c. He keeps us in our weaknesses.

3. We have a God who is available to all. 
(Jesus love the little children)

    a. Not a respecter of persons.
    b. Looks at the heart.

4. We have a God who calls us to action. 
(This little light of Mine)

    a. Project His light from you.
    b. Protect His light in you.
    c. Promote His light to others.

We can serve with confidence because of the basic truths 
of God's word!

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