- Pastors Notes -

This is Love! - February 12th, 2017

"Learning and living out the love of God"

1 John 4
What does the scripture teach us about love?

1. What love looks like. V. 9-10

    a. Sacrifice.
    b. Salvation.
    c. Service.

2. How we know we have love. V. 11-16

    a. We see it toward each other.
    b. We feel it as God abides within us.
    c. We have a testimony.
    d. We willingly confess that He is the Son of God

3. What does love do in us? V. 17-21

    a. Gives us boldness to face judgment. V. 17
    b. Causes us to love God. V 19
    c. Propels us to love each other. V. 20-21

4. What is the enemy of Love? V. 1-6

    a.	False teaching.
    b.	Deception.

Do you have God's love living in you and, if so, 
are you living it out?

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