- Pastors Notes -

I'm Stuffed! - November 26th, 2017

"Staying hungry for the work of God"

Mark 8:1-13
What makes the children of God full spiritually?

Children of God have a:

    1. Compassionate Savior. V 1-2a

    2. Committed spiritual hunger. V 2b-3

    3. Confidence in confusing times. V 4

    4. Courage to surrender V. 5
    5. Commission to serve. V 6

    6. Contentment from God V 8-10

Children of religious form alone experience:

    7. Contention that divides V. 11

    8. Consternation in others V 12

    9. Captive hearts V 13

Are we full with the blessing of our Savior or just full of religious form? Are we living as those who portray these blessings to others?

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