- Pastors Notes -

Beacons of Godís blessings! - November 19th, 2017

"Letting thankfulness shine a light for others"

Matthew 9:36-38
How can we show thankfulness for what God has done for us?

1. See people with compassion. V. 36

    a. Beyond the busyness
    b. In spite of their actions

2. Listen for Godís signal. V. 37

    a. Be a disciple.
    b. Be involved in the work of God.

3. Seek and serve God. V. 38

    a. Pray for workers.
    b. Become a worker.
    c. Be a part of the harvest.

Are you thankful today? If so, let it be seen in the way you view people and let it be seen in your service for God

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