- Pastors Notes -

The fight is on! - November 12th, 2017

"Seeking the qualities of God; not the world"

James 5
When we encounter discouragement how can we go on 
fighting the good fight?

1. Be prepared v. 1-6

    a. Against complacency
    b. To treat others correctly

2. Faithfully push forward

    a. With confidence in Godís plan v.7
    b. With a determined heart v. 8
    c. With love for one another v. 9
    d. With examples to live by v. 10-11
    e. With truthfulness  V.12

3. Persevere to the end

    a. Through prayer and praise v 12-15
    b. Through holiness V. 16
    c. Through impossible odds V. 17-18
    d. Through loving exhortation  v. 19-20

Are we continuing to fight the good fight of faith in the power of Jesus by taking time to be prepared for what we encounter, by faithfully pushing forward and through steadfast perseverance through prayer and holiness?

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