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Friends are friends forever? - November 5th, 2017
"Seeking the qualities of God; not the world"

James 4
How do we recognize where our "friendships" lie?

1. Friendship with the world:

    a. Leads to factions. V 1
    b. Lacks eternal focus. V 2-3
    c. Grieves God. V 4-5

2. Friendship with God:

    a. Brings Grace. V. 6
    b. Gives direction for spiritual success. V. 7-8
        i. Submit to God.
       ii. Resist the Devil.
      iii. Draw near to God.
       iv. Cleanse your hands.
        v. Purify your hearts.
       vi. Have real repentance.

    c. Offers peace. V 11-12

    d. Provides purpose and perspective. V. 13-17

Where do our "friendships" lie? Are we seeking self-desires or are we seeking to grow closer to God and spiritual success?

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