- Pastors Notes -

Partially impartial? - October 8th, 2017
"Looking at the potential of God not the presentation"

James 2:1-13
Do we allow Jesus to impart His faithfulness through us?

Questions to consider:

1.Have we been parting out our faith? Why not?
    a. We don't feel we know how to disperse it.
    b. We don't feel like doing it.
    c. We feel like it is intrusive or divisive.
    d. We feel like they don't deserve it.

2. What are we really stewards of? 
    a. Our Faith?
    b. The faithfulness of Christ?

How can we combat partiality?

3. Understand the role of Jesus Christ in our life.
    a. Our Lord
    b. The Lord of Glory

4. Don't become partial in our own faith. V. 2-13
    a. Stop judging based on appearance. V. 2-4
    b. Don't limit God's potential to forgive or use. V 5-7
    c. Take time to develop our own faith. V 8-13

Are we fully impartial or are we partially impartial? Partial impartiality is still fully partial.

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