- Pastors Notes -

Message in a Bible - January 8th, 2017

"Obtaining Faith and Growth 
through the truths of God's word"

2 Peter 1
Who is impacted by the message of Jesus and in what way?

1. There are specific people 
   to whom the message is written.

2. There is purpose for the message. V. 2-15
    a. Reveal our ability in Christ
    b. Encourage diligent growth
    c. Remind believers
        i. To stir us up
       ii. To redeem the time
      iii. To leave a legacy

3. There is power in the message V. 16-21

    a. Not a fable v. 16
    b. Fulfilled prophecy v. 19
    c. Confirmed by Holy Spirit v. 21

Have you obtained faith in Jesus that stirs you to diligent growth and causes you to experience the power of God's truth?

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