- Pastors Notes -

Take it Personal! - January 29th, 2017

"Examining what God has done for you lately"
1 John 1
What has Jesus done for you personally?

1. Jesus is our personal Savior. V 1-2
    a. He came to earth to know us.
    b. He came to earth to bring us eternal life.
    c. He came to earth in order that we might know Him.

2. Jesus gives us a personal calling. V. 3-4
    a. To share our testimony.
    b. To have an ongoing fellowship.
    c. To work.

3. Jesus promotes personal growth. V. 5-8
    a. To move out of the darkness.
    b. To move toward other believers.
    c. To move toward personal examination.

4. Jesus offers personal forgiveness. V. 9-10
    a. If we confess.
    b. If we are not in denial.

God has given us a personal savior and offered personal forgiveness so that we can have personal growth that results in personal service!

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