- Pastors Notes -

Live Strong! - January 15th, 2017

"Being vessels of honor approved by God"

2 Timothy 2
How do we live strong in a way that is approved by God?

1.Live strong in the grace of God.V 1

    a. He formed us.
    b. He forgave us.
    c. He fostered a purpose in us.
    d. He furnished a position for us.

2. Live strong in your service.  V 2-7

    a. Be a disciple and a discipler.
    b. Don't be dismayed. V 3
    c. Be devoted. V 4-6
    d. Be a discerner. V. 7

3. Live strong in victory. V 19-22

    a. Carry the name of Jesus.
    b. Depart from iniquity.
    c. Invest in lasting actions
    d. Remain steadfast in service

Will we live strong as willing and approved vessels 
for God's service?

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