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Outreach and Planning Team
We would love to have a group of people who would agree to be a part of a team who looked for ways to reach out to the community and new people. This team would not only plan activities but be instrumental in carrying out these activities with the help of the church. If you would like to be a part of this opportunity please respond to the poll. I am looking forward to what can happen when people get motivated in this direction to carry out the work of the church.

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Go With God - Witnessing Campaign
Our church has begun a new ministry program to reach the lives in our community with the word of God. We are calling this new outreach program "Go With God". This past Sunday, the members of this ministry were called up front, where the church prayed over them before sending them out into the surrounding neighborhoods to witness to others about God's love.

Check out the pictures from the "Go With God" Outreach

Our hopes for this program are to show the people in our community that we are a church who cares for them; not only to help our church grow, but more importantly, we hope to build the Kingdom of God, by telling others about the salvation which is offered through Jesus.

If you would like to join us in this ministry, please Sign Up today.

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